The relationships between Microsoft Sam and Mike vary in different universes.

Thunderbirds101 Universe

In the Thunderbirds101 Universe, Sam and Mike are brothers, but they usually don't get along, and don't socialize often. It is revealed in the Season Two Finale of Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors that Sam, Mike and Mary are siblings, but the subject is never brought up again in the series.

  • The reason behind Sam and Mike's odd rivalry is unknown.
  • It is also unknown as to why Mike never shows up in the series, but only appears on occasion.

Wonka0111 Universe

In the Wonka0111 Universe, Sam and Mike are brothers, and have a rivalry, usually over who gets to date Mary. They typically get along fairly well, until Mike steals Sam's girlfriend (see "Microsoft Sam and Microsoft Mary for further details), leading to a momentary war involving Mike switching allegiances to Macintosh to fight Sam's XP forces. They eventually set aside their differences and teamed up to defeat the evil Steve Ballmer and his Vista forces, as well as Linux Anna. After Sam was captured by Linux Anna, Mike went on an adventure to rescue him.

Akriloth2160 Universe

In the Akriloth2160 Universe, Sam and Mike are friends, and they never had any problems in their relationship. This is probably the only universe where Sam and Mike aren't enemies, or don't have any grudges against each other. Although they sometime disagree in certain debates, they are friendly towards one another.

  • Many call this the "unicorn" of the many relationships between Sam and Mike.

Supermariogeek7979 Universe

In the Supermariogeek7979 Universe, Sam and Mike are brothers once again, but Mary is not blood-related to them. They have a small rivalry against each other, but they never hold grudges. This relationship is the only instance of Sam and Mike being brothers, and not having angry thoughts about them both.

Pieboy6000 Universe

In the Pieboy6000 Universe, the relationship between Sam and Mike is basically the same as Thunderbirds101's series. However, in his error series, they are not related, usually insulting each other and having arguments. This is different in Pieboy's war series, in which Mike seems to prevent any arguments between Pieboy and Sam, acting as Sam's control manipulator when it is needed.

ThePermian99 Universe

In ThePermian99 Universe, Sam and Mike are Cousins, Mike believes to have a close stable relationship with Sam but Sam himself has hated Mike since he flushed his diarrhea infested toilet. Afterwards Sam became a better cousin to Mike but ready to take drastic action incase he does anything stupid.

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