Microsoft Sam and The Psychic Dominator Disaster is a 6 episode series by EASlol. It features Earth 2, 1 month after the end of the Reaper War and the Lolrope Invasion, with The Yuri Brotherhood rising and  inventing The Psychic Dominator. unbenounced to Earth 2 's inhabbitants, Yuri had a plan for world domination using the Psychic Dominator and their sinister Genetic Mutator. Yuri then forms a new faction with a secret army of his own, known as The Yuri Brotherhood and begins to wreak havoc all over the planet, the nations of Earth 2 must stop Yuri before he dominates the entire world. 

Episodes List

Episode One: DEFCON 2

Episode Two: Desolation

Episode Three: Enemy Of My Enemy

Episode Four: The Invasion

Episode Five: The Monarch's Fall

Episode Six: Operation: Titanfall

Protagonists (CASTING OPEN)

  • EASlol (Adult Male #3, High Pitch)
  • LockheedF16 (Microsoft Mike, Lowest Pitch)
  • Pieboy6000 (Adult Male #3, Low pitch/Himself)
  • Ripleydee (Adult Female #1, American)
  • ShadowFrost88 (Microsoft Sam, Near Lowest Pitch)


  • Yuri
  • The Yuri Brotherhood
  • The Scrin



Poster 1

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