Mircosoft Sam and The War in the Republic of the Internet is an upcoming one-video series by Coopersmadog . It is set to release in June.
War in the Republic of the Internet title card

Title screen, as seen in the preview


Released May 18, 2014, the trailer shows Microsoft Mike picking up Radar Overseer Scotty and Bacon from the ROFLCity International Airport. A bomb explodes, and injures Bacon. The scene cuts to the Googlit Metro Airport, where a ROFLcopter crashes into a corridor. Next, a Linux Crime Relief Services officer informs his captain that a bomb squad has sucessfully defused a bomb, preventing a third attack. The title card appears, and is followed by Microsoft Sam, giving a speech telling about all of this, then promising to apprehend those responsible and bring them to justice.
War in the Republic of the Internet - Trailer02:10

War in the Republic of the Internet - Trailer

Release date and info

Unlike War in the UFP and War in the Terrier Islands, Republic of the Internet will be only one video covering a single story. The current release date has not been confirmed, but the description in the trailer says that it is set to release in June.

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