Microsoft Sam and the War in the Terrier Islands





Part I Release

June 29, 2013

Part II Release

July 13, 2013


April 22, 2014

Preceded by

Microsoft Sam and the Republic of Louisiana

Microsoft Sam and The War in the Terrier Islands is a video trilogy by Coopersmadog. It features Microsoft Sam and Tux McUbuntux attempting to stop the Linux Kingdom from attacking the Terrier Islands in the Republic of Louisiana, while Mike, Scotty, and Bacon assist Sergeant Lawl in defending a naval base on Bienville Island, one of the islands. Part I was released on June 29, 2013. The third installment was cancelled on April 22, 2014.

Part I

The video begins with a talking chainsaw narrator explaining that the Kingdom of Linux has demanded that the Republic of Louisiana give the Terrier Islands to them. Instead, the two nations go to war. Microsoft Sam is called on by Lt. Governor Chall Enjik-Septed to be the new ambassador to the Kingdom to ease tentions and possibly stop the war. While meeting with Governor Gerald Awesome and Enjik-Septed, Sergeant Lawl interrupts to inform the governor that Linux warships are heading to the Terrier Islands and that more troops and leadership are needed. The Governor tells Lawl to find some ROFLcopter Squad veterans to help run the Bienville islands Naval Base.

Meanwhile, in the Linux Kingdom, adviser and Windows SOI Programmer Leonard O'Glitch explains to the king that the plan is to use Microsoft Sam as a hostage and trade him off for the Terrier Islands. After the pointless meeting, O'Glitch reveals to the audience that he intends on overthrowing the king and creating a "SOI Empire".

After Sam and Tux leave for the Linux Kingdom, Sergeant Lawl informs Scotty, Mike, and Bacon that they are to run and defend the base if necessary. In a scene greatly resembling the meme "All your Base are belong to Us", a bomb explodes, and a message from the Linux Kingdom informs the four that the Kingdom means business.

Part II

The second episode begins with Sam and Tux entering the Linux Kingdom and meeting the Linux King and getting arrested. However, Leonard O'Glitch launches a coup d'etat on the King, has him thrown in prison with Sam and Tux, and renames the kingdom "The Soi Empire".

Back in Manchac City, Mary and Anna wonder how long the other the war will take, when an emergency message interrupts them, saying that a Code Red has been issued all across the Republic, and a Code Black for the southeastern area, including New Orleans and the Terrier Islands.

At the Bienville Island Naval Base, Scotty, Mike, Bacon, and Lawl are fighting off the Linux Ships, which were sent by O'Glitch, and not the King, when Lawl receives a message saying that the ships are actually attacking New Orleans. 

A scene in Ubuntux, Soi Empire, reveals that the attack on the Terrier Islands is a distraction for the Louisiana forces while the Soi/Linux ships head up the Mississippi and Atchafalaya Rivers to attack further inland.

In prison, the King apologizes to Microsoft Sam and Tux for allowing the coup to happen, only to be insulted by Sam. A large explosion occurs, and Taco breaks into the prison to rescue Sam and Tux.


On April 22, 2014, Part 3 was cancelled in an update video, citing lack of willpower to make the third video. According to the video, "A massive explosion would destroy everything, leaving nothing except for Sam, Mike, Mary, Scotty, Anna, Bacon, Tux, Pirre, and Bubba on a boat stranded in the middle of an ocean. After a few days at sea, they find an island called the Repbulic of the Internet and settle there. Nine months later, Microsoft Sam is elected governor of the Province of Windowsa, one of the four Provinces of the Republic."

The end of the video promises a new War series, called Microsoft Sam and the War in the Republic of the Internet, set to release in Summer 2014. Unlike Terrier Islands and War in the UFP, War in the Republic will be a single video encompassing one story.


Italics means debuting character.

Microsoft Sam

Microsoft Mike

Radar Overseer Scotty


Tux McUbuntux

Sergeant Lawl

Louisiana Governor Gerald Awesome (First physical appearance, first mentioned in "MS Sam and the Republic of Louisiana)

Lt. Governor Chall Enjik-Septed (First physical appearance, first mentioned in "MS Sam and the Republic of Louisiana)

King Edwin Tux II of the Kingdom of Linux

Leonard O'Glitch

Unnamed Linux Penguin

"Government Agent"

Coopersmadog (Portrayed as a Chainsaw)


Microsoft Mary

Microsoft Anna

Ron Paul (Cancellation Notice, in .gif animation of "It's not happening)

Patrick Star (Cancellation Notice, in video of The Ugly Barnacle story)


Part I

During the prologue, the narrator is hard to hear due to the volume of the background music.

There is a gap between Microsoft Sam saying "Hello?" and the Spartan saying "Is this Sparta!?".

The "government agent" looks more like a police officer than a government agent.

Breaking the fourth wall seems to be a plot element in this episode.

The scene with Mike, Scotty, Bacon, and Lawl is a parody of "All Your Base are Belong to Us".

The credit for the "All your Base" remix is not given. The "A" in "All" is slightly cut off.

Just before the 4000 Productions logo comes up at the end, you can see text that says "Microsoft Sam and the War in the Terrier Islands"

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