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Britain-USSR Invasion Of Iran

Anglo-Soviet Invasion Of Iran

Created By:

Benjamin Tuckett

Date Of Release:

Probably 2017


25 August–17 September 1941 (Real)


Imperial State Of Iran

Allies (Commanders)

U.S.S.R (Dimitri T. Kozlov & Sergei Trofimenko)

United Kingdom (Edward Quinan, William Slim & Archibald Wavell).


British Raj (India)

Enemies (Commanders)

Iran (Reza Shah Pahlavi, Ali Mansur, Mohammad-Ali Forough, Gholamali Bayandor {K.I.A}, Ahmad Nakhjevan & Mohammad Shahbakhti).

Allied Strength:

U.S.S.R: 3 Armies U.K: 2 Divisions

Enemy Strength:

Iran: 9 Divisions & 60 Aircraft


Unknown. Adult Male # 1 (Lowest Pitch) Will Voice Dimitri T. Kozlov.

The Britain-USSR Invasion Of Iran Is An Upcoming War Series By Benjamin Tuckett. Inspired By Thunderbirds101TV, This Will Take Place From 1941-8-25 To 1941-9-17! Its Scheduled Release Will Be In 2017. Speakonia Voices Will Be In This Movie Due To Be Released On YouTube.


1) Origins

2) British Invasion of Khuzestan

3) British Invasion of Central Iran

4) Soviet Invasion of North-Western Iran

5) Soviet Advance on the Iranian Heartland

6) Soviet Invasion of North-Eastern Iran

7) Diplomacy

8) Final Phase and Outcome

All Episodes Will Be Released Between 2016 & 2017 (Depends On Production)!

Production Notes

This Episode Is Based On The Real War Of The Same Name. No Copy-Right Infringement Involved In This.

Produced By:

Ben Tuckett Pictures Inc

Conway Street Productions Inc

DISTRIBUTED BY: Thunderbirds801TV (YouTube)


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