Microsoft Sam and the War in The Taco Republic
War in the taco republic title card



Release date

April 1, 2013 (Cancelled)

Preceded by

Microsoft Sam and the War in the United Federation of Pi

Succeeded by

Microsoft Sam and The War in the Terrier Islands

The War in The Taco Republic was to be a series by Coopersmadog starring Microsoft Sam. If not canceled, it would have been the sequel to Microsoft Sam and The War in The United Federation of Pi. The first episode was to air April 1st.


On March 30, 2013, Coopersmadog, on his blog, announced the cancellation of War in The Taco Republic, citing lack of ideas, disliking for how he handles TTS videos, and conflicting plans.


The city of Bob secedes from the Taco Republic after the denial of its request for greater representation in the Supreme Council of the Taco Overlords, the Taco Republic’s governing body. Bob City calls the UFP, the United Moo Republic, and Trollolia for help. Only Trollolia helps. Together, Bob City and Trollolia attack Port Brochis Splendens, UFP, and the UFP declares war

At a conference in Cooper’s Town, UFP, representatives from the Taco Republic, UFP, UMR, and Trollolia meet. Trollolia switches to the UFP/UMR/Taco Republic side, and UFP President Jared Awesome makes Microsoft Sam head of the UFP’s military campaign. Bacon, in his bacon-obsessed way, suggests the Bacon Factory in Bob City be moved to Taco City, TR. In the First Battle of Bob City, the Bacon Factory and Chemical Plant are moved to Taco City and Roflsoi, TR, respectively. Meanwhile, in the UFP, Bobic ships invade and capture Cooper’s Town. At a meeting in Taco City, Sam and ROFLcopter Squad agree on a plan to capture Bob City.

Microsoft Mary and Anna lead a revolt against the Bobics and force them out of Cooper’s Town. In the Second Battle of Bob City, Roflcopter Squad captures the city, but Sam is injured in an explosion. He wakes up in a hospital to learn that the war is over.  In the Treaty of Cowex, UMR, Bob City returns to the Taco Republic, and Roflcopter Squad is hailed as International Heroes.

A considered ending involved Mr. Tool Penguin being the.. penguin… controlling the mayor-president of Bob City, as the whole war was part of his plan to end the world so he can conquer Sam in another. This resulted in everyone dying. Sam, Mike,Anna, Mary, Bacon, Taco, Tux, Pierre and Scotty were somehow transported to some small nation that survived another Apocalypse. This ending will be involved in a future project.