Microsoft Sam and The War in the United Federation of Pi
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I. January 21, 2012


II. February 10, 2013


III. February 17, 2013

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Microsoft Sam and the War in The Taco Republic (Cancelled)

The War of the Moo Empire, referred to on YouTube as Microsoft Sam and the War in the United Federation of Pi, is a 3 part series by User:Coopersmadog. The first episode aired January 21st, 2013. The last episode aired February 17, 2013.

Episode I -The Conflict Begins

The Episode begins with the Narrator explaining that The Republic of Trollolia has agreed to supply troops and supplies to the Moo Empire to conquer The United Federation of Pi. It then shows Microsoft Sam waking up, and walking into the living room, hearing Bacon rant about the weather. He turns on the TV, and finds out about the ROFLcopter Crash at the Cooper's Town International Airport. He is then called to the Department of Transportation and Roads (DOTR) Office at Port Ginnevieve. He meets with President John Smithywerben, Vice President Jared Awesome, and other advisers determine what actions to take. It is revealed in another new broadcast that the Moo Empire sent the ROFLcopter to Cooper's Town. Later, VP Awesome informs those at the meeting that the House of Senators has declared war on Trollolia and the Moo Empire.

The next day, Sam and Radar Overseer Scotty go to Radar Island to meet with the President, Vice President, and the other advisers. Scotty finds a recorded message inside a radar device captured at the Battle of Burnpile the previous night. The President informs them that ROFLcopter Squad A, an elite task force for the UFP, was killed in the Battle. Sam volunteers to lead ROFLcopter Squad B, along with Sergeant Lawl's help. They listen to the recording and discover that the only way to infiltrate Trollolia is to bombard their fortifications with Oxidized Mustard Greens.

Four days later, Sam musters up his team of five men (Microsoft Mike, Scotty, Bacon, Taco, and Tux McUbuntux, Sam's Linux Penguin Secretary). Sergeant Lawl comes in with their supplies and explains how the Oxidized Mustard Greens work. Sam decides that they should parachute into the forest between Trolol and Astleyville, and infiltrate Trolol at night. The team boards their ROFLcopters, and attacks Trolol. All six of them eject safely into the forest, and the episode ends.

Episode II -The Battle of Trolol

Once landing in the forest, Scotty makes contact with "Base". Base later informs ROFLcopter Squad that all of Trolol's main entrances are guarded. Nonetheless, tux finds a way in via a dead end street. The team infiltrates the capital building by knocking out a guard with an oxidized mustard green taco. The guard breaks a window, and they enter. Sam, Mike, Scotty, and Tux capture Comic Sans, and Trolol surrenders.

Back in Cooper's Town, Microsoft Anna informs Mary that Moo Ships are trying to capture Cooper's Town, and that everyone is dumping Asphalt Cookies into the river to stop them. Mary and Anna join them.

The next day, Comic Sans surrenders Trollolia, and all Troll forces are removed from the battlefield. An excerpt shows that Emperor Tiberius Moo, ruler of the Moo Empire, is not at all pleased. Aboard the UFPS Polynomial, Sam and Sergeant Lawl discuss the Battle of Cooper's Town, and the episode ends.

Episode III -The Battle of Mooa

The episode begins with ROFLcopter Squad B on the UFPS Polynomial being debriefed by Sergeant Lawl. The plan is to send the team Mooa, the capital of the Moo Empire, via Lolsub. Then, they take a lift up to the courtyard of the palace (which Scotty remarks looks exactly like the Old Louisiana State Capitol) through a port-a-potty.

The team is caught by the Emperor's Squire, but Taco takes him down with another Oxidized Mustard Green Taco. Just as Sam is about to enter, Mike warns that the security system must be deactivated first. Bacon breaks it with bacon grease, and the team enters the throne room of Tiberius Moo.

After a confrontation similar to the Battle of Trolol, Emperor Tiberius Moo is informed by Sergeant Lawl that all the Moo Guards are gone, and that he is trapped. The Emperor then divides himself by zero, refusing to accept defeat. In a sudden twist, Mr. Cow actually comes in and saves the team.

He explains that his purpose back in Season 1 of Computer Errors was to establish a second Moo empire to fight off Emperor Tiberius Moo. After being deported, Mr. Cow hid from authorities until the UFP attacked Mooa. He snuck into the palace just in time to save Microsoft Sam. Lawl then takes them back to the UFPS Polynomial, where IWAY Cookies, bacon, and other foods await them, much to Bacon's delight.

The next day, President Smithywerben awards the team with the Medal of Excellence in Battle, the UFP's highest honor. Scotty then remarks that the Sea of Speakonia is finally at peace, to which Mike agrees.

In the Epilogue, the Moo Empire is renamed the United Moo Republic. Some of the Empire's funds will go to rebuilding the damage from the ROFLcopter crash at the Cooper's Town Airport. Trollolia will lose all economic support if it were ever to attack the UFP, and the war finally ends.

An interesting goof is that, after Emperor Tiberius Moo divides himself by zero, the palace never explodes, despite the self destruct warning. This was a major graphical error, in that Coopersmadog forgot to add in an explosion or an explanation for a lack of an explosion.

Breakings of the fourth wall

Episode II

Mike: "Sam, since we won't have anything to do for the next hour or so, shouldn't we use a chronological caption to pass the time?"

Comic Sans: "Nooo! My beautiful city! Captured offscreen!"

Mike: "Stop breaking the fourth wall!"

Episode III

Scotty: "I guess Coopersmadog was too lazy to come up with a scene for us finding it."


*Character's Debut

Microsoft Sam (I)

Microsoft Mike (I)

Microsoft Mary (I)

Radar Overseer Scotty (I)


Tux McUbuntux*(I)

UFP Vice President Jared Awesome*(I)

UFP President John Smithywerben*(I)

2 Unnamed Advisers*(I)

Trollolia President Comic Sans*(II)

Microsoft Anna*(II)

Troll Guard*(II)

Emperor Tiberius Moo*(II)

Unnamed Moo Squire*(II)


Mr. Cow (III)

Unnamed Robotic Voice*(III)

Links to Videos

PART I [1]



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