Microsoft Sam reads Epic Errors is an error reading series created by gameyguy123. It stars Microsoft Sam and some other voices.

Early Beginnings (Season 0)

This section is incomplete.

The first season of Epic Errors had a very brief plot line. It was integrated with the other event videos, in date order. Some notable events included Microsoft Sara, Radar Overseer Charles, and the ABC Virus. there was no exact season stated, but it ended pretty much ended in late 2010.

This series was pretty mucha a series that starred all three MS voices (Sam, Mike, and Mary). they all took turns reading errors until Microsoft Paul, the antagonist, was arrested. This was gameyguy's first series.

Micrapsoft is a fictional company that created Micrapsoft Annoyme (unmentioned), Pissdows VISTA, and the dreadful ABC Virus. It's leader was Gill Bates (name pun), until Episode 3, when Microsoft Sam and Mary captured Gill Bates in a face-to-face talk. Gill tried to fight back with the ABC Virus, but it refused to work on the forced installation of Pissdows VISTA. VISTA stands for Very Irritating, Sucky, and Annoying edition. The 'T' is not used however.

After his decease, he was never heard of again. Microsoft Sara went to rule the comapny, and she pushed his assistant Radar Overseer Charles around. Not much is known afterwards.


Chi Fan Chinese Restaurant is another trilogy starring the MS voices. It follows Sam and Mary, who go to Chi Fan Chinese Restaurant, reading errors and signs along the way. Little do they know, the place is actually a traps set up by Microsoft Suzie/Susan, Microsoft Paul's sister. She has two names, and decides to kill them half for revenge and half due to jealousy of Sam. Then, Mike calls Sam, and find out that they have been trapped in a room rigged with a timebomb and force field.

In episode two, Mike heads off to rescue them, along with fictional Microsoft Agents (Speakonia voices Adult Male #6-8) and their ROFL robot. The Agents were sent to rescue Sam and Mary, but fail. They then goto gameyguy123 (fictional) for help, but are forced to read errors instead. The errors create a loophole, which exploded itself.

In the conclusion, gameyguy rants about Mike letting an explosion destroy part of his broadcasting tower. It is later revealed that Microsoft Sara told Charles to program that one there. Later, Mike comes back and frees them by reflecting Suzie's laser gun onto the force field controls. The force field is then destroyed and Suzie/Susan escapes. She was never seen again.

OVERdrive (Season 1-Present)

After the year-long hiatus, gameyguy launched the first Epic Errors with seasons. It premiered on November 19, 2011, and ended on January 19, 2012. The concepts of the voices have also been updated.


The main plot for Season 1 circulates around Microsoft Sam, the protagonist, and The Blue People as the antagonists. Each episode usually starts and ends with plotting, with errors in between. Sam learns more about the Blue People as the series go on, recieving some help from the so called "Soy Gods".

In the finale, he meets Radar Overseer Ungela, supposedly the leader of the Blue People.

Blue People

Starting with the second Video (S1E2) features appearances of evil blue people, who seem to carry on some sort of hypnotism that works on all things blue, turning them evil. It is not known yet the makings and backstory of this horrible disease.

The leader is Radar Overseer Ungela.

Microsoft OS Voice Whistler

A fictional character. He is Microsoft Sam's grandfather.

The Soi Gods

In construction.

Season 2 (Cancelled)

Season 2 is supposed to air in March 2012, but the exact date has not been specified. Gamelover101 has stopped TTS Videos again. Who knows how long this will be delayed for.

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