Microsoft Sam reads Epic Errors was an error reading series created by gameyguy123. It starred Microsoft Sam and some other voices.

Season 1

The main plot for Season 1 circulates around Microsoft Sam, the protagonist, and the Blue People as the antagonists. Each episode usually starts and ends with the story, with errors in between. Sam learns more about the Blue People as the series go on, receiving some help from the so called "Soy Gods".

In the finale, he meets Radar Overseer Ungela, supposedly the leader of the Blue People.

Blue People

Starting with the second Video (S1E2), the blue people are described as carrying some sort of hypnotism that works on all things blue, turning them evil. The makings and backstory of this horrible disease are not known.

Microsoft OS Voice Whistler

A fictional character. He is Microsoft Sam's grandfather.

Season 2

Season 2 was originally scheduled to air in March 2012, but was later cancelled.

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