Microsoft Sam reads Funny Engrish



Number of episodes


First episode

March 14, 2011

Last episode

July 21, 2016

Microsoft Sam reads Funny Engrish is a text-to-speech comedy series by Thunderbirds101. Before the Funny Engrish series, there was a similar video uploaded to Thunderbirds101's channel named Microsoft Sam reads Some Engrish. As the title says, the series stars Microsoft Sam in reading signs and other similar media containing extremely broken English, or Engrish as it's known. Not counting the Some Engrish video, there are currently sixteen videos in the Funny Engrish series.

List of Episodes

Episode Release Date
2009 prequel August 17, 2009
Official series premiere March 14, 2011
THE SEQUEL April 20, 2013
THE THIRD June 29, 2013
THE FOURTH July 27, 2013
THE FIFTH August 31, 2013
THE SIXTH September 28, 2013
THE SEVENTH October 26, 2013
THE EIGHTH November 30, 2013
THE NINTH January 4, 2014
THE TENTH May 3, 2014
THE ELEVENTH August 30, 2014
THE TWELFTH December 13, 2014
THE THIRTEETNH July 18, 2015
THE FOURTEENTH December 11, 2015
THE FIFTEETNH July 26, 2016

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