Microsoft Sam reads Funny News Bulletins Series Premiere05:27

Microsoft Sam reads Funny News Bulletins Series Premiere

This is the first Funny News Bulletins Video made by nkrs200.

Microsoft Sam reads Funny News Bulletins is a series created by nkrs200 to bring in a new era of comedy. This video on the right was THE FIRST Microsoft Sam reads Funny News Bulletins video published by nkrs200.

The Original First Season

This series originated on nkrs200's channel. The idea of viewers wanting more was the main reason why nkrs200 created this series. When nkrs200 released the video in 2012, he was unsure that it would be successful. Slightly after he released the video, nkrs200's viewers thought that it was a good idea to start something new. Shortly after that, he released Season 1 Episode 2 on Halloween of 2012.

New Additions to Funny News Bulletins

In Season 1 Episode 4 of the Funny News Bulletins series on nkrs200, the layout was changed in the video so that when the video was about to go into commercial, the viewers would know because of background music being played.  In response to this, the people who watched that episode started to like the video series even more.

Season 1 Episode 5 Upgrades

After Season 1 Episode 5 of Microsoft Sam reads Funny News Bulletins, nkrs200 added a new feature that resembled what some news stations would do by saying, "You are watching nkrs200 TV Studios. nkrs200 World News will resume in a moment." The second upgrade is the back-to-back commercials.

Season 1 Episode 6 Upgrades

After the debut of Season 1 Episode 6 of Microsoft Sam reads 

Microsoft Sam reads Funny News Bulletins Season 1 Episode 606:46

Microsoft Sam reads Funny News Bulletins Season 1 Episode 6

This is the first episode of Funny News Bulletins to air with a Weather Channel themed weather report. Want to know why nkrs200 did that? He got bored.

Funny News Bulletins, nkrs200 added new features, such as a Weather Channel Themed weather report during one of the commercial breaks, and the picture images to the sides of the person who is reporting the news.  

Season 2

Season 2 of Funny News Bulletins debuted on nkrs200 on Thanksgiving Day 2013. It was welcomed warmly by his viewers. Season 2 Episode 2, which was released on Christmas Day 2013, introduced a new feature for the series: News Bulletins Requests. This new type of request attracted the attention of many of nkrs200's viewers.

Season 2 Episode 3 Trial Run

According to nkrs200, the current format for the way that the news bulletin requests are going to be laid out is currently be decided for the Valentine's Day Video for February. However, nkrs200 states that the video will be posted after Valentine's Day due to college course work.

Season 2 Episode 3 Updates

According to nkrs200, Season 2 Episode 3 is going to bring many changes to the series. The first major noticeable change is that News Bulletin Requests were allowed. The second major noticeable change is that nkrs200 collaborated with ShadowFrost88, which is the first person to be introduced to the collaboration of this type of series. There was also a noticeable change in the weather forecast section to where it looks more modern to match the current technological trend. There were also new characters introduced, such as Jen'Eric Noos-Ree Porter and a new character called Tih-Pih-Cal Noos Ree-Porter (one of Frost's characters).  
Microsoft Sam reads Funny News Bulletins Season 2 Episode 309:09

Microsoft Sam reads Funny News Bulletins Season 2 Episode 3

In Season 2 Episode 3, nkrs200 changed the layout of the weather forecast section.

Season 2 Episode 4

Season 2 Episode 4 was a collaboration video with Sasha Ketchum Studio (aka Ripleydee). The episode received major feedback about the weather forecast section. Due to this feedback, it is possible that nkrs200 may do a Weather Forecast request form for his website in the near future.

Season 2 Episode 5

Season 2 Episode 5 was relased on April 16, 2014 in conjunction with a completed episode of The Radar Overseer Scotty Show and is collaborated with AT88TV.

Jen'Eric Noos-Ree porter

Jean'Eric Noos-Ree Porter

Season 3


Season 3 Episode 1 was released on August 24, 2014. It featured a new playlist of songs that nkrs200 made by himself.

The Current Funny News Bulletins Makers

The current TTS video makers who make this series are:

  • nkrs200
  • 01mrbilly11

Current Collaborators of this series

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