This article is about the series created by Comedydan21, for the series created by Thunderbids101, see Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (Thunderbirds101 Series)

Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors

Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors is a series originally created by Thunderbirds101, but multi-produced by other users such as Comedydan21.

The series in itself is the first version of the Error series to be censored, although it's not unusual.

Comedydan21 has stated he got his big inspiration from Thunderbirds101, who originally created the series.

Although this version of the series has been on since only 2012, it has gotten mostly positive reviews from users such as, Boltage14v1, Plesciacomedy93, AT88TV, Thunderbirds102 (Not to be confused with Unchi1999's return account theThunderbirds102), etc.

Season 1

Season 1 started in 2012, yet has proven to be very sucsessful. More seasons to come soon after the international war.

Season 2

This season and the rest to be produced after the international war.

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