Microsoft Sam reads funny windows Errors S1EP1


The series premiere of Microsoft Sam reads funny Windows Errors! Enjoy the first episode!


October 11, 2008




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Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (S1EP1) is an episode of the series Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors, created by Thunderbirds101.

It's the first episode of the series.


The episode begins with Microsoft Sam reading some Windows errors, but after Sam reads a certain one, Microsoft Mike bursts out that he does not talk like a lady, but despite his objection he is still talking like one, as pointed out by Microsoft Sam. At the end, Microsoft Sam's week long snack break starts, but then suddenly comments on what Mike is doing with "the C4", and then the episode concludes with Microsoft Mike exploding them and cutting off the signal.


Microsoft Sam: This is Thunderbirds101 TV.
[Intro Music Plays]
Text appears: "Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors S1EP1"
Error #1: Your computer hates Internet Explorer. It will now be promptly be deleted.
Microsoft Sam: Go ahead, Its a piece of dump anyway. Firefox for the win!
Error #2 You've got mail! Access to mail has been blocked! Microsoft Sam: What on earth?! Makes sense! That error does not!
Error #3: An error occurred while trying to make an error report.
Microsoft Sam: Hahahahahaha! Now that is freaking hilarious!
Error #4: A pistol is being aimed at you! It will shoot you in 10 seconds!
Microsoft Sam: Crap, See you all in Seattle!
Error #5: Your mouse and keyboard are not responding. Press any key or click OK to continue.
Microsoft Sam: What the hell? How am I supposed to continue when the mouse and keyboard are not responding?! What a stupid idiot would make an error, so damn confusing!
Error #6: Microsoft has infected your computer with radiation. What do you wish to do?
Microsoft Sam: I will shoot myself with a shotgun. Jumping off the Empire State Building is stupid, and moving in with Mike who talks like a lady will make my ears bleed to death.
Microsoft Mike: [with a high-pitched voice] I DO NOT TALK LIKE A LADY, YOU ASSHOLE!
Microsoft Sam: Yes you do. Now shut up!
Error #7: It's time for your week-long snack break.
Microsoft Sam: Hurray! See you all next week! Wait... Mike, what's with the C4? Oh, shit. He's gonna-
(No Signal)


Note: All error messages in this gallery are appearing in order.


  • This is the premiere episode of Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors.
  • This is the first time Microsoft Mike talks like a lady.
  • This is the first time the signal was cut off.


Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (S1EP1)

Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (S1EP1)

The very first episode of Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors.