Microsoft Sam reads Silly Windows Errors

Air Date:

Season 1: December 30 2013 - Ongoing

Upload Schedule:

Mondays (Weekly)


The want to Entertain





Microsoft Sam reads Silly Windows Errors is a new series created by Pieboy6000, and is the spiritual successor to Microsoft Sam reads Not So Funny Windows Errors. It is the same as basically any error series out there, and is completely storyless. Pieboy realised his downfall with his previous error series was attempting incorporate a story. He has decided to put his storytelling to use in his War series instead of the error series, which he has said will be nothing but Sam reading errors with silliness in between.

It is unknown how long the series is planned to go on for, though Pieboy suggests at least three series are probable.

The upload schedule is at any given time on a Monday every two weeks.

The series finally started on December 30, 2013.