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Microsoft Sam reads Stupid and Weird Signs
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Number of episodes


First episode

June 23, 2008

Latest episode

April 27, 2017

Microsoft Sam reads Stupid and Weird Signs is a popular text-to-speech comedy series on Thunderbirds101's channel. The series features the voice of Microsoft Sam reading and commenting on funny signs. It has collected hundreds of thousands of views, with over four hundred thousand in the original alone. Twenty-five sequels have followed the original, though none have reached the true popularity of the original.

List of episodes

Episode Release Date
Stupid and Weird Signs June 23, 2008
THE SEQUEL July 14, 2008
THE THIRD July 29, 2008
THE FOURTH August 10, 2008
THE FIFTH October 3, 2008
THE SIXTH October 22, 2008
THE SEVENTH November 11, 2008
THE EIGHTH January 11, 2009
THE NINTH May 16, 2009
THE TENTH November 8, 2009
THE ELEVENTH October 16, 2010
THE TWELFTH March 26, 2011
THE THIRTEENTH July 16, 2011
THE FOURTEENTH November 6, 2011
THE FIFTEENTH August 28, 2012
THE SIXTEENTH October 5, 2013
THE SEVENTEENTH April 19, 2014
THE EIGHTEENTH June 23, 2014
THE NINETEENTH February 21, 2015
THE TWENTIETH June 23, 2015
THE TWENTY-FIRST March 12, 2016

In collaboration with nkrs200.


In collaboration with AT88TV.

THE TWENTY-THIRD June 23, 2016
THE TWENTY-FOURTH August 6, 2016
THE TWENTY-FIFTH December 22, 2016
THE TWENTY-SIXTH April 27, 2017

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