Sam destroys computer
Microsoft Sam reads goofy messages is a YouTube error series made by Flemr12 (Ctk1998 here). It currently spans four episodes. Like any other errors series, consists of Microsoft Sam reading errors.

Main characters

Microsoft Sam: He just doesn't seem like he can get away from stupid things, like enemies, viruses, and scams, hates everyone.

Microsoft Mike: Is an idiot who is one of Sam's enemies. He was killed twice.

Microsoft Mary: Sam's wife.

Radar Overseer Scotty: A baloney sandwich factory owner, who is easily trollable, his baloney sandwich factory exploded once by deleting system32 under the instruction of Sam.


Episode 1: Sam gets the screw virus, an error didn't let Sam get Trash-digger 3000, Huge amounts of Mac bashing.

Episode 2: Introduction of Microsoft Mike, Mike died, Sam and Fatherboard nuked Blueguy and Motherboard, Sam nuked the environmentalists.

Episode 3: Introduction of Microsoft Mary, introduction of Radar Overseer Scotty, Mike died, Scotty's baloney sandwich factory got destroyed, Sam's computer got destroyed by, Sam got the Aybabtu virus which made him lose a chance at getting Trash-digger 5000.

Episode 4 : Sam get's trolled by the trick questioner which ended up killing the Salesman, Newsrobot dies in a nuclear explosion, Sam fus roh dahs a computer killing said computer, Sam tortures Radar Overseer Robert who Sam found out was the maker of Goggle, aybabtu strikes again.

Shortest one ever : A Super Nintendo breaks, a trash can dances, and the Aybabtu virus was stopped.

Non error related episodes

Mike goes to Goggle : Mike is somewhere in Hell, he jumps off the cliff.

Sam's reaction to new youtube : Sam couldn't find the dislike button and ended destroying a computer because of Justin Bieber.

Scotty plays Chex Quest : Scotty sneaks into Sam's house, get's uppercutted by Sam.

Sam in XCOM : Sam and squad are in one the best games ever, ends in massive failure.

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