Milk Overseer Lolcow

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Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Sam's 2nd ROFL Robot



Milk Overseer Lolcow is an antagonist in Microsoft Sam reads Ridiculous Windows Errors. She has yet to appear in person, thus what she looks like and her text-to-speech voice is unknown, as well as a lot of other information about her, only that she apparently either lactates radioactive milk or lactates normal milk and then makes it radioactive afterward, and then mails it to people. The recipient of the milk will die from the radiation upon seeing the milk.

Milk Overseer Lolcow was originally just a character briefly mentioned in an error of season 1 of Microsoft Sam reads Ridiculous Windows Errors. At the time, one of Sam's ROFL robots was filling in for Sam, who was "dead". He read an error saying that she was going to send some of her radioactive milk to him to kill him, and that she had a message for him, which was just, "Moo." The ROFL Robot called in a WTF train and it was forgotten until season 2, when Sam was notified that that ROFL robot had been killed by Lolcow's milk and that he was next. At the time, Sam was in hospital, and when he got out of hospital he went to his house, finding it wrecked and deserted. He went into a bedroom and saw a glowing green jug lying on the bed. Realizing what it was, he screamed profanity and then died. What happened next is unknown as of yet, as this was a cliffhanger at the end of S2EP3, and S2EP4 has not come out yet.

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