"You are too weak. The Strong will prevail"'


Mindmelter during the Great LOLtain War

Connor James Slater, or as he became to be known, Mindmelter, was a normal human being who underwent several experiments as a volunteer for the The Great LOLtain Rogues, the Soviet Lulz Brigade, and the United Lols of ROFLica Defects. He was first summoned during the ROFLian Blitz, where he killed several thousand members of the ULR military using a nuclear haze gas.

Early Life - Before the experiments

Mindmelter was born Connor James Slater in 1984. He had a very distraught family, which led to him bullying others. He eventually saw a psychologist about his abusive father and his careless mother, and was told that he should put his aggression into sports.

Taking the shrink's advice, Slater signed up and succeeded in joining his high school's football team (Jersey number 08). However, when three young men were becoming popular with their science fair projects and marching band memberships, Slater sought to gain back his reputation by doing what he did best: bullying. He first found a young boy, shorter than others to pick on and beat to the ground. He also met a nice young lass, which calmed him down, but caused a more vengeful hatred from one of the three men, as he knew that she had dated him prior. But all of this quickly took a sharp turn, as the short man learned martial arts over time, and led to Slater losing an eye, and being expelled for his bad deeds, after being ratted out by Armando Henrik. Slater led himself to a life of misery, with no home, no friends, no family and no courage. But at one point during the final hours of The Great Final War, a dark individual spoke to Slater, saying, "We have some unfinished business with Microsoft Sam". The two were never seen again until the memories of the residents of Earth 2 were altered.

The ROFLian Blitz

Mindmelter gained his alias after modifying one of The Supreme AI's Maven devices and calling it the Mind Melter, which would erase the time frame from people's memories, thus forcing them to beleive that the planet was 10,000 years ahead of it's time. However, Pieboy6000, Microsoft Sam, Hacker, Shadow, and Rooster were unaffected.

* Information will appear when The ROFLian Blitz episodes are aired on Youtube

The Great LOLtain War


  • Information will be uploaded when all the episodes in The Great LOLtain War have been aired on youtube


  • Mindmelter's stealing of Shadow's ex girlfriend is loosely based off of a moment in MovieGuruThe's life. {too personal to address}
  • Mindmelter will be voiced by Speakonia Male 6 with various final cut pro Effects.

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