Moscow from above, 2015.

Known as the Socialist Capital of the World, Moscow is the capital city of the United Speakonian Soviet Republic. The city is well known for multiple reasons, one of course being the capital of the strongest nation on Earth 2. It is also known for memorial statues of grand quality for heroes of the USSR, as well as various memorials to soldiers who have fallen in combat.

The city also hosts the Kremlin, which houses Premier RedStar and his associates, Nikolai Paranavsky, Dmitri May̆kl Volishinov, Archie "Ark" Harrison and Vitali Garshevsko. Premier RedStar calls Moscow his home city, and frequently issues orders and commands from the Kremlin to Russian forces worldwide. The city is also known for being the main producer of the Rofl-47 assault rifle used by many worldwide, though production has since shift to Rofl-74's used exclusively by the Russians.

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