MovieGuruThe also referred to as MGT, MGTSupernova, MGTCrew, is a YouTube User who has recently began making text-to-speech videos, and is a true fan of the work of Thunderbirds101.

Starting on Youtube

On July 28th, 2009, MovieGuruThe made his Youtube Account at his local library. He uploaded three videos {two of which are still viewable on his channel} on the day the account was activated. And ever since, he has kept the account.


For almost three years, MGT uploaded nothing. But after starting series such as MGT's Minigame Madness and The Super ROFLCopter Squad Anthology, MovieGuruThe's hiatus ended.

The MovieGoingTeam

In the summer of 2012, During recording sessions of Minigame Madness Episodes 3, 4 and 5, MGT decided to call himself and two other friends, The "Movie Going Team" where they would go to the theater every weekend to see a movie to their liking, and review it. The review videos have since never happened, due to forgetfullness, dead batteries, or import failure.

TTS Character

Agent MGT

MovieGuruthe's Character in action in the TTS films that many will be allowed to add him in. He is armed with a golden blade and a platinum mace

Main Article: Agent MGT

In The TTS Universe, MovieGuruThe is the highest-ranking agent of LOL York City's Mayor: Rudy GiuLOLani. He earned 67 medals within the first five years of service for GiuLOLani.


  • He is a trumpet Player, and owns two horns. A Jean Baptise Gold-Lacquered Trumpet, which he's had for almost seven years, and a Mendini Black-Lacquered Trumpet which was bought on eBay.
  • His birthday is on January 14
  • MovieGuruThe has an alternate channel in which he makes Youtube Poops {videos that are bombarded with ridiculous effects}
  • He uses Final Cut Pro X Verison 10.0 to make his videos, unlike other Youtube Users, but still uses a Windows XP computer to write the dialogue for his characters, then transfers them into Final Cut on his iMac through a Seagate Portable "Mega" Drive

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