Mr. Fatty himself.

Mr. Fatty


January 31, 1960 (age 53)

Full name

John McDonald

Debuted in

100 Guyisbackable


Adult Male #7 (Speakonia Male 7)


Guy City, the Republic of Guy

John McDonald, better known as Mr. Fatty, is a character who debuted in the 100 Guyisbackable, the series of 2 videos, celebrating guyisbackable's milestone of 100 subscribers. He was the winner of the Republic Song Contest of 2007 and back again in 2012, where his performance song was "A Happy" that was wrote and first performed in the Kids Festival of 2006, being broadcasted on KidsTV4Adults, the channel who broadcasted baby shows for adults aged 18+, ignoring clothes of every character. He was born in January 31, 1960 and he was currently 53 years old.


Mr. Fatty was born in 1960. His mom was Kate McDonald and his dad was Dallas McDonald. Dallas McDonald was born in 1930, but Kate was born 6 years later, in 1936. During the events of World War II, Dallas and Kate were injured and had a treatment at the hospital after the World War II. As they were kids, they mostly liked sports (Dallas loves tennis and Kate loves basketball). In 2000, Mr. Fatty went to the graveyard because his dad Dallas with her mom Kate, died. Until the events of the guy9374 coming on YouTube, John got a nickname, Mr. Fatty, because on December 12, 2011, he ate too much and became fat. He did not appeared in any video until the 100 Guyisbackable video: the 3rd Microsoft Sam short, named "Work at Shop".


  • Mr. Fatty won the Chess Guy Tournament of 1986 beating his dad.
  • Mr. Fatty won the Republic Song Contest of 2007.
  • Mr. Fatty won the game show "Who Wants to be a Trillionaire?" show in 2011, being aired on the guy9374 Network (known as GuyTV until the end of the game show, later renamed). After that, the game show continues to run.
  • Mr. Fatty wins the Republic Song Contest again, taking place in 2012.

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