Mr Information Robot Mark 5

Mr. Information Robot Mark Five

Mister Information Robot Mark Five was a robotic mercenary who worked for The Supreme AI. His unique ability is his Rapid Information Barrage, which knocks foes unconscious by rapidly speaking intel on people, places, and things. He also assisted the Communist Linux Penguin Army during The War in the ROFL Island Chain. The robot continued to serve the Supreme AI during The Great Final War.


Little is known about Mark Five's origins. What is known is that he was made by the Supreme AI after Robo Enforcer was killed in the Republic of My war. His Rapid Information Barrage was probably a glitch in update software replacing the Random Nonsense Detonator Mark II that Robo Enforcer had, which led to him gaining his name.

On the ROFL Island Chain

He first found a group of eighteen men who were searching for Microsoft Sam and his team, The ROFLCopter Squad. He and three other robots opened fire on the group, but Mr. Information Robot Mark Five was the sole survivor of the firefight, while he killed fifteen of his hostiles. But due to his firearm jamming he teleported away, leaving the remaining three men of the team behind.

After fixing his firearm, the robot had reached the Supreme AI's base of operations, which was under a mine. He heard noises coming from the inner room, and found two remaining members of ROFLCopter Squad Taco and Bacon, who were with Microsoft Mike. Mike immediately recognized the robot, believing him to be Robo Enforcer at first, but the robot interrupts Mike, as he states his name, then fires the rapid information barrage at them, knocking them out for at least an hour, before Hacker, Shadow and Rooster rescued them. The robot was never seen again, and hid himself from satellite radars to prevent detection just before the events of Operation Downfall.

The Great Final War

Just as the Communist Linux Penguin Army began to deploy on Earth 2 following Operation Downfall, the IWAY fleet counterattacked the planet. Amidst the chaos, Mark Five joined the Supreme AI and fled to Silvaorbis, leaving the rest of the communist force behind at the mercy of Earth 2's survivors. After escaping, the robot followed the Supreme AI to the remains of planet Earth, where Jokermingo0044 was resurrected again, the malevolent jester having previously perished during the final battle of the War in the Republic of My.

The robot was sent to Soiturranna to find Tsiklon. Upon discovering the supercomputer, Tsiklon destroyed Mr. Information Robot Mark Five.

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