My-Crow-Soft Noos Ree Porter
My-Crow-Soft Noos Ree Porter as he appears in "Random Crash"




"Random Crash" by Joshua Rocha



Voiced By

Adult Male 3 (American English)

My-Crow-Soft Noos Ree Porter is a character in Joshua Rocha's series, "Random Crash". He served as the chief news reporter for the 8 O' Clock News in Boston. He looks like Microsoft Sam, except he has blue eyes instead of red.

Debut In Random Crash

He debuted in Episode 1 of "Random Crash". In Episode 2, he got sent to the NSA Jail for attempting to say that the NSA was nuked. He escaped the NSA Jail through the air vents, and returned to broadcasting news in Episode 4. In Episode 5, the rabid badgers took over the 8 O' Clock News, killing My-Crow-Soft Noos Ree Porter. The 8 O' Clock News was then moved to Manchester, where Oh Em Gee took My-Crow-Soft's place.

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