NSA Jail and HQ

The NSA HQ aka the NSA Jail

The NSA Jail is a jail depicted in Thunderbirds101, nkrs200, Joshua Rocha and CigarettesAshtray's videos. The jail belongs to the National Security Agency (NSA). When Microsoft Sam or anyone else makes fun of the NSA, or tries to stop them, the spy from the NSA (voiced by Microsoft Brutus, which is Microsoft Mike in low pitch) will throw the victim into the jail and subject the victim to "extreme punishments." The organization has captured persons, seized television stations, and taken control of errors in many videos.

List of Things and people seized and/or sent to the NSA Jail

Main Article: List of things and people sent to the NSA Jail


  • The National Security Agency does not operate a jail in real life. The organization's mission focuses on signals intelligence (SIGINT), not law enforcement.

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