The NYET Series is a series created by davemadson about the Red NYET. It was the first time davemadson acted in any of his series, something he would do more prominently in Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers

NYET Series
NYET Series

Upload dates:

Episode 1: April 15, 2011
Episode 2: May 7, 2011
Episode 3: May 11, 2011
Episode 4: June 4, 2011
Episode 5: July 13, 2011
Compilation: June 8, 2013




Davemadson, Speakonia Male #1, Robosoft #2, Microsoft Anna, Mike in Space

Episode Format

The 1966 NET logo plays with an organ version of the NET 1966 music that was performed by davemadson. The "NYET" logo is fomed with a globe that has a right slash over it. Dave then says in a Russian accent, "This is Public Television, NYET!"

Episode 1: NYET

It only has the regular format. Variations would occur in later episodes.

Episode 2: NYET 2: Beware of the RED NYET

After Madson speaks the "This is Public Television" line, the Red NYET appears with a slightly deeper "NYET" soundbite. It zooms up to the full screen eight times. The ViD theme is heard and blood spreads everywhere, with a long scream heard as the video fades out.

Episode 3: NYET 3: The NYET of Doom

The regular NYET format plays, then the Red NYET zooms in at the V of Doom music, flickering after it has reached the screen. The V of Doom appears and tells the Red NYET to get off his territory. They argue back and forth, before they both realize they're scary. They end up making a compromise, and a red V of Doom is shown behind a blue NYET, while the 1971 PBS music plays.

Episode 4: NYET 4: NYETITAR (Red Nyet Meets Simitar)

The regular NYET format plays, with the deeper "NYET!" vocal from Episode 2. The Red NYET proceeds to zoom in slowly with the Simitar music, flickering after it has approched the screen. Simitar S appears and order him to get off its turf. The NYET climbes on top of the S, and the S sics the V of Doom. This proceeds to scare the Red NYET away. Simitar S laughs as the video fades out.

Episode 5: NYET 5: The End of the Red Nyet

The regular NYET format plays, with the deeper repeating "NYET!" vocal from Episode 2 and an immediate transition to the red NYET. A cannon is then fired toward the Red NYET, which successfully hits him and causes a Cartoon Network explosion. The red NYET is dead as a moment of silence occurs. The video proceeds to become jubilant since a "scary logo is dead", as the video fades out. 

Compilation: Red NYET Rising

This combines the 5 episodes together and at the end, "Is the Red NYET really dead?" absolutely not, because that The Red NYET rose. It will reappear in LTIB 58, related.


Speakonia Male #1 as the Red NYET

Robosoft #2 as the V of Doom

Microsoft Anna as the Simitar S

Mike in Space as the NYET Killing Cannon (Uncredited)