The Naturalite; picture created by PixelartBuilder583

Naturalite Locked On

Naturalite locking on to its target; Monitor indicates that the target has been locked on.

The Naturalite is a superweapon that has been created and armed by Natural Microsoft Sam and AntiartDestroyer385 in the series Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft. When armed, the Naturalite locks on to targets that it is required to shoot with a laser that destroys the entire target in a single shot. However, it needs to be powered up by resources like Emeralds, Diamonds, Gold, and Iron in order to charge the laser beam successfully. Its physical appearance is that it looks like a satellite dish that has been super-powered instead of having typical purposes of "signal". This weapon has been revealed in Season 4 Episode 10, which had the audacity to blow up the rainbow lighthouse that Sam, Mike, Mary, and Scotty have built. Anna, angry at the two doppelgangers, destroyed the Naturalite at the cost of her own life.

Naturalite Charging

Naturalite charging its laser

Naturalite Firing

Naturalite firing at its target


Natural Sam has planned the construction of the Naturalite for over two years, which marks the point after Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft Season 1 started. He created a blueprint of the weapon and showed it to AntiartDestroyer385, which got them constructing the weapon for long, long times. However, they were assisted by several high-tech engineers who were killed by ROFL World soldiers because of the one of the engineers' utterances about terrorism.

Microsoft Voice

When the weapon speaks and notifies that the commands are done, it is voiced by RoboSoft Six.

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