Nikolai Paranavsky

Tactic Advisor

Nikolai, the World's Best Sniper

TTS Voice:

Adult Male #7 American English, about ⅛ up the pitch scale.



Date of Birth:

June 15th, 1987



Preceded by:

Radar Overseer Stanislav (Deceased)

Succeeded by:



Advising tactics for Pieboy6000




Novosibirsk, Russian SFSR, Earth 1

Why yes ladies it is I, the great sniper Nikolai!
Tactic Advisor Nikolai Paranavsky is a calm and loyal Speakonian from Novosibirsk in Russia on Earth 1. He is the second of RedStar's right-hand men, and would often work alongside Radar Overseer/Battle Advisor Bob before his death. Bob generated a battle plan and pointed out the strategic points, and Nikolai would point out Tactical locations and vital choke points around the area. The two became an effective team and operated together until Bob died in August 2013. He is usually drunk, usually drinking vodka. Two 1 litre bottles usually make him drunk, however tequila will knock him clean out. When he sees tequila, he will do what he can to destroy it, claiming it to be "an evil entity in the form of a beverage". He has allegedly had 8 wives over the course of his life, though his ninth, Natasha, remains his since October 2013. The two married after heavily bonding over several dates, the final point that gave way to it being the fact they are both incredibly skilled Snipers.

He is always seen wearing a Ushanka with the USSR emblem on it, and that he (almost) always manages to get the ladies. He carries his own specialized Sniper Rifle during battles, though for closer engagements he will usually switch to a standard AK-74U.

Though he is a Tactic Advisor, his tactics are only heard by RedStar and his right-hand men, Abayomi, Bob, Volish, and of course, Nikolai himself, usually privately before a mission has even started. 

He has been lying low in the USSR since July 2013, appearing to actually be seeking a kind of peace from the war that damages the planet. He maintains contact with his friends however. He resurfaced in January 2014 and joined GDI Special Ops on precision strikes against CLPA forces until the end of the Skyfall incident. Following this he then proceeded to conduct operations against high value Nod targets, usually with his wife, Natasha.

In 2016, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Nikolai took his wife Natasha and moved to Poland, settling down to start a family shortly thereafter.


  • He is the first Russian to be working right next to RedStar.
  • He is the first recorded Tactic Advisor on this Wiki.
  • Nikolai loves vodka, and it had to be put away once when he and RedStar got a bit too drunk and nearly killed someone, however he has a fierce hate of tequila.
  • He almost died once during a battle in the RedStar Tower when a throwing knife caught him in the chest. Since then he has made a full recovery.
  • Like RedStar, Nikolai's religious postion is agnosticism.
  • Despite the fact he kills and is very dangerous in combat, Nikolai has a soft side and generally likes peaceful areas more than anything else, "even vodka", and usually ends up watching meteor showers or just sitting in places he thinks look nice.
  • Nikolai isn't very good in hand-to-hand combat when sober, however his aim is nearly unmatched. When drunk, however, Nikolai is incredibly capable in hand-to-hand combat. He once pulled out RedStar's sword from when RedStar fought Simon Cheeseteeth for control of the Pieboy Tower (which RedStar won, because Simon fails) and began attacking invading SLB forces who had infiltrated the tower and got to floor 101. He began jumping from wall to wall swinging the sword, grieviously injuring people below, as well as decapitating many unlucky SLB members, moving incredibly fast. He killed every single one of the invaders except for one. Afterwards he mumbled something in Russian, spoke a bit of Spanish, announced he liked milk on toast quite a lot, then blacked out. He can only pull this off when drunk, and while he's wearing his Ushanka.
  • After comparing him to the best snipers from every country on Earth 2, it was confirmed that Nikolai was the best on the planet. He later explained that this stemmed from his childhood as he ran away from home at the age of 7 (1994) after killing his father and was found by some Russian troops. He expressed wish to join their ranks (due to propaganda thrown at them). The Russian troops thought it would be funny, gave him a rifle and told him to shoot 5 deer they had in a nearby pen without missing. They were shocked when he waited 5 seconds, before shooting, putting 1 shot through 3 of the deer, and a second through the other 2. Until he was 19, he served in the Russian armed forces as it's youngest member, when he attempted a second communist revolution. It failed, and he went into hiding in the UK, where he met RedStar in late 2008. The two prepared a revolution of the UK in 2009, but before they could try their plan, they were warned that the diarrhea death star was about to strike Earth. The two escaped aboard the Thunderbirds101 Space Station with many others, moving them to Earth 2.

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