The nkrs200 Space Station

The nkrs200 Space Station (formally known as The EASlol Space Station) is one the largest space stations orbiting Earth 2, It was fired into space in late 2011 and is approximatly twenty miles wide. It is also equipped with tactical nuclear weaponary, though most fear that this could lead to catastrophe if it ends up in the wrong hands. 


  • ICBM's
  • Transphasic Torpedoes
  • 100 Laser Cannons
  • Photon Cannon
  • SDN-2 Cannon


  • Decks 1-5 Docking Stations
  • Deck 6 - SDN-1 Docking Station
  • Deck 7 - nkrs200's Living Area
  • Deck 8 - Main Bridge (The Entire Station is controlled here)
  • Deck 9 - Main Engineering (Core Of Station Located In This Area)
  • Deck 10 - Communications

2016 Raid

On March 5, 2016, nkrs200 raided the space station and retrofitted the entire thing to operate on his technology that is being developed in Switzerland, include the upcoming Switzerland Defense Network. All areas that contained the former inhabitant's technology were dismantled and thrown out the air lock where they currently are floating into outer space towards Pluto. The contents include 2,000 Thaleron crystals, Minecraftian Magazines from 2012, and a few leftover remnants when the space station was in operation.

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