The NoAGK tower, located in LOLcharest, LOLmania was the government building and the home of NoAGK24. This tower was built shortly during the War in the ROFL Island Chain, Laws were made here and the 38 floors inside the tower housed NoAGK24's government officials along with the Former King of Froflance, LOLpoleon LOLnaparte.


  • Floor 1-6: YouTube Upload System Room
  • Floor 7: LOLpoleon LOLnaparte's Room
  • Floor 8-11: NoAGK24's House
  • Floor 12-14: The Death Row (Only for trolls)
  • Floor 15: The McDonalds Restaurant
  • Floor 16: The Baptist Church
  • Floor 17-20: The Wii Playground
  • Floor 21: The French Language School
  • Floor 22-24: The Anti-Soiblin Room
  • Floor 25-30: The Math Work Room
  • Floor 31: The "Destroy Soviet Lulz Brigade" Room
  • Floor 32: The Videochat with Daxter5150 Room
  • Floor 33-36: The Anti-North Koroflia Room
  • Floor 37-38: The Anti-Boring County Room


  • Emergencyranger88, alongside others in the TTS Community, launched a massive assault against the NoAGK24 Tower, setting everything on fire and destroying everything. NoAgk24 was charged with Ban Evasion and Plagarism, He was sentenced to death and was executed on January 31st, 2012. After the execution of NoAGK24, the tower imploded and was buried along with NoAGK24 due to the fact that he corrupted FROFLance. After that, another tower has been completed and named into the MapsoniaMapsonia Tower, But that tower was destroyed due to the TTS video Makers Realizing That MapsoniaMapsonia was NoAGK24. NoAGK24 was later found to have escaped and went under this new name and was executed by an elite team consisting of ER88, EASlol, Natesworld2k and Pieboy6000. However, he was revived and now decide to be neutral, however he didn't return to the TTS Community ever again.

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