nogarD deR livE heT is a dragon that lived on Planet Hell. She was responsible for interrogating anyone who was charged of any kind of crime who had been captured on Hell.


The dragon was first found by Satan during the events just before the ROFLian Blitz had taken place. She states that she was born on the ruins of Camelot during the final days of the dark ages, where her father killed several billion knights.

The Blitz

She was brought to Hell to interrogate Carlos Ray Norris for leading a newly formed team of heroes during the Blitz, but was knocked unconscious by President Radar Overseer Scotty in order to rescue him.

However, Satan had a device in his pocket that could heal anyone of wounds {he stole it from the mighty warlord in the sky} and then the dragon was unleashed onto the battleground. She was eventually taken down by Hotel Oscar Hotel Sierra India Sierra's fleet, but survived the attacks as she was seen on Hell again during the Great Loltain War

The War for Earth 2

nogarD deR livE ehT played a small role in the War for Earth 2, where she kept the soldier shield shutdown codes of The Machine of War's Robotic Army. She lost them however, when Norris was able to snatch them and get away with Scotty to head back to the ROFL Island Chain.


nogarD was killed by Geth fighter squadrons during the events of The Last Adversary while trying to contact Satan to tell him Hell is lost. Her death was not seen on sight, but it was confirmed by Devil's Hell Star that she died amidst the invasion.

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