North Korea
North KoROFLia Flag
North Korean Flag

Current Ruler

Kim Jong-Un

Government type

Stalinist Dictatorship






United States of America, Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, South Korea

North Korea is a country in Asia. The capital is Pyongyang and the country has a population of 24,051,000. The country is infamous for its isolation from the rest of Earth 2, its powerful military, and its despicable record for treating its own citizens like third-class hacks. It technically remains at war with South Korea following the 1950-1953 Korean War, because no peace treaty was ever signed between the two nations. Instead, the nation remains divided by the Korean Demilitarized Zone, the most heavily guarded border in the world. At least 500,000 North Koroflian soldiers are posted on the DMZ, as well as dozens of artillery batteries capable of striking Seoul, South Korea.

The country was partnered with the Soviet Lulz Brigade, a splinter faction of the United Speakonian Soviet Republic, and the two declared war on the United States of America, The Republic of My, the USSR, and Great Britain beginning with the invasion of the Rofl Island Chain

On the 27th of February, 2012, Kim Jong-Il died on a train in Pyongyang after experiencing a heartattack. It was discovered this was from shock after learning that his country was hit with a nuclear strike by the USSR for co-operating with the Soviet Lulz Brigade. He died within the minute after hearing about it from a transmission recieved by Pieboy. His son, Kim Jong-Un, took over the country. As a result of the leader's death, North Korea has withdrawn its forces from the Rofl Island Chain and has severed its alliance with the Soviet Lulz Brigade.

After Operation Electromagnetic Doom, Emergencyranger88 launched a full scale invasion of North Korea and conquered the capital. North Korea surrendered to Vietnam, and Emergencyranger88 appointed TheMasterCheif1997 as Overlord of North Korea. Soon after, Emergencyranger88 annexed North Korea.

When the USSR annexed the northern section of Vietnam, North Korea was able to go free. Kim Jong-Un retook command of his country afterwards, revealing that the Kim Jong-Un EF88 killed with a fanta bomb was a decoy.

In 2013, North Korea started to show hostilities aimed mainly towards the United States of America and it's neighbours South Korea, threatening nuclear warfare, however it is unknown if North Korea will carry out this threat at this current time. USA missiles have been deployed to The Empire of the Rising Sun and South Korea, taking no chances with this threat. South Korea has sealed off its borders. The Empire of the Rising Sun has set up AMDS to counter any strike.

North Korea is infamous for having some of the worst human rights on Earth 2. Citizens caught reading, watching or singing South Korea media are punished by many years in prison or even death. In November 2013, eighty citizens of North Korea were publicly executed for watching smuggled South Korean TV shows and movies.

250px-Pyongyang North Korea

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