Ireland's flag.

Current Status

Unconditionally annexed by the USSR, handed over to Great Loltain in 2013.

Republic is

Democratic/Constitutional Monarchy



Supreme Leader


The Republic of Ireland was a country in Europe.

The country was invaded by the USSR on August 30th, 2012, and was taken in 30 minutes by the Russian forces, begin one of the shortest wars in Earth 2's history. It was unconditionally annexed 10 minutes after victory, and Russian forces prevented anyone from leaving the country before and during the invasion.

A famous landmark is the WW3 monument, in memory of all soldiers dead in World War 3.

Upon being annexed, the borders were closed, effectively trapping the Irish in Ireland.

In April 2013, the country was taken over by neighboring Great Loltain after a friendly Russian handover, mainly to protect the country from Geth Invasion in the Geth-USSR War.

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