NovaRants is a rant series made by SUP3RNOVATJJ.

Episodes That Are Uploaded

  • Episode 1: Buckwild
  • Episode 2: Console Wars
  • Episode 3: UtubeTrollPolice (changed at last minute)

Episodes in production

Planned Episodes

  • Episode 4: RyanAir
  • Episode 5: Autism Haters
  • Episode 6: MLP:FIM
  • Episode 7: Ke$ha
  • Episode 8: Degrassi
  • Episode 9: Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Episode 10: Linux haters
  • Episode 11: Bowling for Soup
  • Episode 12: Pintrest
  • Episode 13: Rockstar Games


  • The NovaRants Logo changes every episode.
  • NovaRants is SUP3RNOVATJJ's most popular series
  • Episodes 7-13 will be filmed at SUP3RNOVATJJ's West Virginia studio.
  • Episodes 4-6 will be filmed at SUP3R's new Ohio studio.

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