Nova Sage
Nova, brave, tall, and strong Concept by Anichik


Princeton, West Virginia, United States, Earth 1


Kantlol:Finale Thailol:N


February 13


Thailol, Kantlol


Weapons, Explosives, Country music



Nova Sage is a soldier affiliated with Thailol and Kantlol.


  • FN-LOL Assault Rife
  • M67 Grenades
  • Battle Armor


Born out of Princeton, West Virginia on Earth 1, he has a vast knowledge of weaponry and survival tactics. He also has been a prime member of the United States Army until 2009, when Earth 1 was destroyed, He was in a spaceship at the time. He has a fond love of weaponry, explosives, and country music. He was transferred to the ULR Army until late in 2011, when he decided to retire from the ULR army.

Post ULR

After leaving the ULR army, Nova Sage decided to move to Thailol where he enlisted in the army. While in the Thai Army, he rose through the ranks quickly and easily due to his experience with weaponry. He first met the Thai leader, SUP3RNOVATJJ, in 2012, when he became a general. He had also been in Kantlol's Intelligence Agency since 2010. He was investigating the North Koroflean regime, and how they could target Thailol's capital, Banglol.

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