Nuclear weapons are in no short supply on Earth 2, and are owned by many nations - superpowers or otherwise - in numbers exceeding the hundreds. They are often considered to be among the most destructive of all weapons on the planet, capable of dealing massive amounts of damage to civilians, to buildings, and the environment. The after effects often include radiation which can pollute an area of land for hundreds of years, leaving them uninhabitable to Human life.

There are varying kinds of nuclear weapon all around Earth 2, from standard missiles to the Tsar Lola to 'Alpha' Nukes, that release only Alpha radiation upon detonating resulting in next-to-no radiological contamination. The use of these weapons is often restricted to times of desperation or, in some cases, to those enforcing their will upon others. There has been several attempts to lower nuclear stockpiles around Earth 2 over the years, and while the numbers have decreased, they have never depleted - and the possibility of an all out nuclear war still haunts the minds of those who live on the planet.

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