Ogralik Fozerrit

Ogralik Fozerrit, wearing a business suit and glasses, and using a grenade launcher as a weapon; in Season 6, however, he changed it to a laser cannon

Ogralik Fozerrit is Lucow's 1-month-younger brother and the leader of a technological terrorist organization known as the RBI (Roguish Bureau to Interhell). Unlike his brother, however, Ogralik and his followers are not intent on conquering The ROFL World. Their purpose is wreaking havoc upon many houses of civilians and destroying everything they view as a threat. While doing so, Ogralik plans out stealthy and explosive special-ops operations, which occur in a sporadic manner and is guaranteed to wipe out almost an entire town. His acts of terrorism don't have as much military size as Lucow's, and he is overall not as powerful. However, he possesses a hacking ability that goes far beyond those of Lucow.

In Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft Season 5 Episode 4, Ogralik and his assistant, Rogue Beai, vowed to annihilate Sam, Scotty, and Aginnon with a plan of tricking them via a tape recorder, mostly targeting Aginnon for "crossdressing" in the world. He was also targeting Sam as he was furious that Sam and Pixel defeated Lucow. During a battle, backed up by his army, however, Ogralik was gunned down by Microsoft Mike, who afterwards threw his grenade launcher into Scotty and Robert's fire prison after blowing him up. In Season 5 Episode 20, however, it has been confirmed that Ogralik was still alive. In Season 6, he formulated plans to change Purpur Town into B.I. Town, brainwashed TheClassyScrub's NSA Squad, and used RBI soldiers to oversee change in Purpur Town. In Season 6 Episode 10, he was killed by PixelartBuilder583, who stole his laser cannon from him and asked if he remembered wanting to kill him and Sam for what he did to Lucow.

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