Old Vancouver's flag while under Russian control.

Old Vancouver was a city in Canada. It was well known for its landmark Pieboy Tower, which has also been the center of many problems in the city. The city was once under the control of Russian forces through a trade agreement with the Canadian government - a large shipment of IWAY cookies would be delivered once a month to the officials for continued Russian presence in the city. When the United States invaded Canada however, this deal was abruptly ended. The USSR voluntarily gave up control of the region, but have kept the tower as an overseas military base. Russian soldiers consider a posting in Vancouver as the scariest - it was the only Russian base in the world surrounded on all sides by their biggest rival.

Vancouver had a massive population of 400,000 people until the Vancouver Nuclear Accident, which killed 216,246 people, leaving only 183,754 people remaining in the city. It has been repaired by mass amounts of Destruction Repair Droids released from the Pieboy Tower and was decontaminated by 17:00 GMT. It was a lively city until its destruction in 2016.

In August 2016, the city was destroyed during the Vancouver Incident when a violent skirmish between American and Russian forces resulted in the Imperialist targeting and destroying the Pieboy Tower. The impact of the blast flattened the city and killed everyone in it, Americans and Russians alike.

In September 2016, the city was rebuilt into Hi-Tech Vancouver. This took about a year to complete, until the new city rebuilding process was complete and open to the public on February 21st, 2017.

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