This section contains spoilers for the War in the Rofl East. Turn away now if you don't want to spoil it

Operation: TREBUCHET
The briefing room board of the KaLULZ sector of Operation: TREBUCHET


July 17th, 2007


Draw: Al-Analli not found in cities. Nuclear device eradicates OpFor and joint USSR and ULR forces in KaLULZ.


Allies: USSR, ULR, SAS, VietLOLese National Army

Enemies: Al-Analli's Opposing Force


Allies: Atleast 30,000+ Enemies: Around 100,000

Operation: Trebuchet was a large scale military invasion between the Vietlolese, the Loltish, the ULR and the USSR during the War in the Rofl East in 2007.

The combined forces pushed into different areas of Afglolistan, attempting to find Al-Analli. The USSR and the ULR worked together in a joint operation in the capital, Kalulz. The Loltish and the Vietlolese found nothing, but a USSR bomb squad did: A nuclear device in Al-Analli's palace. As the combined military forces fought through the city, the PSAS Emergency Nuclear Defusal Team attempted to disarm the bomb. When the combined forces began leaving, a ULMC military commander warned them of the threat.

But it was too late. As he finished his sentence, the bomb exploded, vapourizing the PSAS and other people at the site and killing many others. As they left the area, AT88TV, Pieboy6000, Microsoft Mike and Sam, Radar Overseers Scotty, Igor and Bob, and Tactic Advisor Nikolai got caught in their chopper. When it crashed, everyone was fine, except for Radar Overseer Igor, he had fallen out of the back as it was about to crashed and part of the propeller impaled him in the chest, killing him instantly.

Other notable deaths include Lt. James Powell, who was caught in the blast after rescuing a pilot, dying due to radiation exposure and his injuries.

Operation Trebuchet is considered a draw.

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