Operation CrossBones is an Operation That Took Place in The War In the VietLOLese Islands. it was a goal for VietLOL to Liberate The VietLOLese Islands After the battles of ER88 City and LOLanoi were coomplete (The One in ER88 City landed in allied favour). it starts in Episode 3 and It is confirmed to be as part of Episodes 4-6.

Countries Involved


  • VietLOL
  • United LOLs of ROFLica
  • MineCraft
  • AustROFLia
  • IreLOL
  • Great LOLtain


  • South LOLbodia
  • LOLmany
  • The Communist Linux Penguin Army
  • The Soviet Vietlulz Brigade
  • The Soviet Lulz Brigade
  • JapLOL

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