An owning video (known mostly as a Speakonia hate video) is a genre of TTS videos that gives YouTubers a say or rant of their own thoughts and feelings against any person, object or idea they hate. The most common formula of making an owning video is called the "Eagle7619 Formula," named after eagle7619 (God7619Gryphon today)


There are specified arrangements on how to make a perfect owning video.


Any celebrity or object that someone hates will be introduced. Then, he/she/it will say insults for himself/herself/itself and be killed in any form of torture (whether it may be a roadkill by a landrover, be pwned by lightning, etc.).

Dedication of torture

Make the subject matter admit that he dedicated to do this for absolutely nothing and explain.


Most users use the emphasis of making love with long-listed inanimate objects. Commonly, the <insert some good stuff> is better than me" statement. It must be responded "hahahahahahahahaha" until he/she/it gives up.


Then, the hatred thought ask any other thought how he was doing well. The other will respond any mean things to the hatred.

Dumping and the climax

The dissed object will be dumped. The object will attempt to die by any tortures but it will face the some pwners, YouTube Hating Alliance or the SWAT team of YouTubers. The pwner will attempt to pwn the dissed. Successfully, the pwners will pwn the dissed object until it surrendered.


Some YouTubers wanted to alter the style for their distinction. motzPHaragas used Microsoft Mike for the voice of the pissed object than Microsoft Sam because of overusage.

Popular Owned video makers

  • 2FunnyVersionIV
  • SpeakoniaCuber
  • God7619gryphon
  • Akriloth2160
  • GWizard777

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