The headquarters for PI5, which looks suspiciously like the MI5 building, but we can safely assure you that it is not.

PI5 (Pieboy Intelligence Service) is a secret service run by Pieboy6000, containing many international members. The people in PI5 tend to either go on secret, undercover operations, stealth operations, recon operations or simply gaining intelligence through any means necessary. They are considered some of the most elite stealth forces in the world. The headquarters for PI5 is located in a remote location in the United Loldom.

A PI5 agent was once captured - by the USSR. When it was realised who he was Pieboy made a statement to the USSR that the PI5 were on their side, and that they are too be left alone. It was later discovered that the man who was found was, infact, a spy from Froflance. He was executed and Lolcozy was informed by Pieboy that he should keep his nose out of USSR business, or he will invade and annex Froflance.

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