Pao Juice Virus Mushrooms

Pao Juice Virus Mushrooms

Pao Juice Virus Mushrooms, like DARO Retard Capsules, Highway Cookies, and Smack Sea Prawns, are a product designed as a weapon so toxic, it can corrupt, poison, and or kill victims. They are commonly used by the Supreme AI, and serve to be a great annoyance to Microsoft Sam, Ressa, Mike, Mary, and Missingno.


The Virus Mushrooms shared a similar history to the Retard Capsules. The Virus Mushrooms were first

Pao Juice Virus Mushrooms as seen in Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Engrish THE FIRST.

discovered by Microsoft Sam in AceOfSpadesProduc100's video Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Engrish THE FIRST on January 27, 2014.


  • Forces to breakdance and play Rickroll
  • Diarrhea-infesting the Bottomless Pit whilst vomiting in a mixed order of reverse, G-major, and both
  • Forces to play Big Rigs on a Magnavox Odyssey
  • Forces to eat Anti-calculus toothpaste
  • Forces to uninstall antivirus software and replace it with SpySherrif (or any other rogue antivirus)
  • Car/truck exaust burps
  • niarT FTW  (Reverse WTF Train)
  • Pervasive urges to divide by zero
  • Double Rainbow
  • Hypnosis
  • Color-changing eyes
  • Death (35% chance)
  • ROFLcopter Seizures

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