PS2 Logo Bloopers

PlayStation 2 Logo Bloopers is a logo bloopers series created by TruCallingCBS202 (Owen Nelson) in 2017. He got inspiired by Davemadson ever since he loved Game Consoles. Here is the Cast of PS2 Logo Bloopers.

Main/Side Characters

Character Image Profile
Davemadson version of Microsoft Sam

Microsoft Sam

Microsoft Sam is the Director of The Logo Bloopers, he wears Yellow and Has Short Black hair and always has to act like a control freak, so his girlfriend Samantha always needs to calm Sam down.
Davemadson Design of Mike

Microsoft Mike

Microsoft Mike is Microsoft Sam's brother, Sam tends to call him an Asswipe when he knows he is not one, and he calls Sam a Son of a Bitch. He wears Green and has Hair shoulder length. He also has a mustache and Microsoft Mary is his Girlfriend.
Davemadson's Microsoft Mary

Microsoft Mary

Microsoft Mary is Microsoft Mike's Girlfriend who suffers the same problem with Mike about Sam, when He calls Mike an Asswipe, Sam calls Mary a Bitch which also gets on her nerves as well as Mike. She wears Pink with Brown hair, and was Crying at Owen Nelson's Father's Funeral.


Samantha (Microsoft Mary) is Sam's Girlfriend who always calms him down when needed. She wears Navy Blue and has Black Hair. She loves the Bloopers given to the logo as well as Mr. Warner.
Davemadson Scotty

Radar Overseer Scotty

Radar Overseer Scotty (Speakonia Male 1) is One of the operators of the PlayStation 2 Startup. Sam always gets mad at him with the bloopers. He wears Aqua and has Black hair. His Girlfriend is Kate, who helps him.
Kate Reynolds

Kate Reynolds

Kate Reynolds (Microsoft Mary) is Scotty's Girlfriend (Her previous name was Microsoft Chrome OS) She is also the operator of the PlayStation 2. She wears Bright Green and has Red Hair. Natalie McGee is her Sister.

Microsoft Pete

Microsoft Pete (Speakonia Male 8) Sam and Mike's cousin. He wears Red and has the same hair as Sam, he also has a Beard and wears Glasses. He is the Oldest of the gang.
Anna (Later)

Microsoft Anna

Microsoft Anna is Microsoft Pete's Girlfriend (Sam used to be her boyfriend, but they broke up due to the way Sam treats Scotty) She also wears Red and has Dark Brown Hair. She loves the Bloopers as well as Samantha.


Jimmy (Speakonia Male 2) is a young lad who likes the PS2, same for his brother Hank. He Wears Gray and has Short Black Hair (Like Sam and Pete).


Hank (Speakonia Male 3) Is Jimmy's Brother who likes to play Games (His twin Brother is a REAL Gamer) Hank wears White and has Black hair.


Guy (aka Shield Guy) is Scotty's Twin Brother. He wears Maroon ans has Black Hair, who had the power to come back to life.
Beulah (Later)


Beulah (Speakonia Male 1) is a fun loving lady. Abby is her best friend. She wears Gray and has Brown Hair. She hates it when Sam calls her Fatso. Usher (Singer) is her Boyfriend.
Abby (66)


Abby (Speakonia Female 2) is Beulah's best friend who has Allergy problems. She wears Gray and has Blonde hair. Akon (Singer) is her Boyfriend, even though she is in her 20s. Akon is older.
Carl McAllen

Carl McAllen

Carl McAllen (Microsoft Mike) is a broadcast fan. He wears Gray and has Black Hair. And his GF loves it as well as Carl.
Natalie McGee

"Natalie McGee"

Natalie McGee (Microsoft Mary) is a broadcast fan as well. Carl McAllen is her boyfriend, and Kate Reynolds is her Sister. She wears Green and has Red hair (Just like her twin sister)
Phillip Langley

"Phillip Langley"

Phillip Langley (Speakonia Male 3) is Hanks twin brother and Jimmy's other Brother. He wears White and has Brown hair. He is the official producer of PS2 Logo Bloopers.
Bella Fangam

"Bella Fangam"

Bella Fangam (Speakonia Female 1) is Phillip's Girlfriend who loves Gaming. She wears Light Pink and has Black Hair. Beulah is her cousin.
Flo Rida (TLD)

"Flo Rida"

Flo Rida (Microsoft Mike) is An American Rapper (aka Tramar Lacel Dillard) who plays epic Music (Low, Whistle, Right Round) who works for Atlantic Records.
Trick Daddy

"Trick Daddy"

Trick Daddy (Speakonia Male 1) is another good rapper who helps out everyone in the studio when they need it.


Usher (Speakonia Male 1, aka Usher Raymond V) is a singer who is really great in this kind of stuff. Beulah is his Girlfriend.
Character Image Profile


Akon (Speakonia Male 1) is An american singer in this kind of stuff. Abby is his Girlfriend.

[File:DJ Khaled.jpg|200px|center]]

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled (Speakonia Male 2) is the YMCMB man of the gang, who has his deal with Terror Squad.
Rick Ross

Rick Ross

Rick Ross (Speakonia Male 3) is one of the good rappers behind Hustlin' 2006 Single.
Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes (Speakonia Male 3) is the fastest rapper of all time, and he is in the gang. SOOO CRAZY!


T-Pain (Speakonia Male 1) is another American Singer who joined Akon in Konvict Music Group.
P. Diddy

'P. Diddy

P. Diddy (Microsoft Mike, aka Sean "Puffy" Combs) is another one of the rappers in the gang of people.
Fat Joe

"Fat Joe"

Fat Joe (Speakonia Male 4) is another famous Rapper who started Terror Squad Music Group.
LH Michael (LT Bloopers 101)

L&H Michael

LH Michael is one of the British Speakonia voices. He wears White with Black Hair, He is also an artisan. He has a Moustache and a beard. Sam is a hate criminal against him.
LH Michelle (LT Bloopers 101)

L&H Michelle

LH Michelle (Also a British Speakonia voice) is LH Michael's Sister. She wears White with Blonde Hair. Sam is also a hate criminal against her.

Stephen Fynn

Stephen Flynn (Microsoft Mike, head of Red Line Productions) is the Producer of the Series and the Executive in Charge of Production.
Microsoft Alex

'Alex Bartolo

Alex Bartolo (Speakonia Male 2) is a good looking guy. He wears Navy Blue and has Brown Hair. He is one of the Producers of the series.



Mel (Speakonia Male 2) is Alex Bartolo's helper in this. He wears Green with Brown Hair. He has a Family as well.


Felicity (Speakonia Female 1) is the most beautiful Girl in the studio, She is Owen's Girlfriend and Wears Pink and White Plaid and has Brown Hair. She and Owen have been together for over 3 years. She also needs Glasses to see.

'Owen Nelson

Owen Nelson is the creator of the PlayStation 2 Logo Bloopers. He wears a Green Hoodie and an M&M's Nascar Baseball Cap with Purple Dreadlocks. He also wears Glasses so he can see better.He also loves to listen to rap music.
Davemadson's God


The Almighty (Mike in Space) saves the gang from the Villains of the Videos (The Devil and She Devil, Scary Logo Alliance)
Angela the Angel (LT Bloopers 101)

Angela the Angel

Angela the Angel (Robosoft 4) is the Almighty's Partner in removing the villains of the Series who also wears Blue.
Angel Dad

Keith the Angel

Keith the Angel (Robosoft 3) is my Dad who passed away on October 21st, 2016. (1971-2016) He wears Green and helps the Almighty as well with the Villains.

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