Plescia is a ship that was created and will be used by Vsauce Winner in his upcoming TTS videos. It was inspired by former TTS video maker PlesciaComedy93. It is a powerhouse, complete with diarrhea cannons, Retard Missiles, a cockpit directly from a ROFLcopter, a Shoop-Da-Whoop Cannon, and Ion Boosters. It looks very weak and frail; however, this is to trick people into attacking. It is very agile; this is because he believes it increases survivability.

Origin of name

The ship's name derives from the retired YouTube Channel and former TTS Video Creator, PlesciaComedy93, who unexpectedly closed his account in July 2014. 


The purpose of this ship is to defend against threats from Virussia, BendYourNoodle, and others. Also for personal use, as well as a transport. The ship has other uses; like delivering shipments of IWAY Cookies, ROFL-47's, ROFLCopters, and other goods. Also, it is a good base of operations, due to it's size, it can serve as one if needed.


It has a total of 44 Blurst Shields, 24 diarrhea cannons, dozens of Ion Boosters, and one ROFLcopter cockpit. (The Shoop-Da-Whoop cannon is permanently attached to the ROFLcopter cockpit.) It is laid out in a oval fashion, with large spaces between layers for storing goods, troops, equipment, etc. The ROFLcopter cockpit cannot be destroyed, due to a self-harmonic shield that, upon breach, explodes, wiping out everything within a 500-foot radius and also reparing itself. The cockpit can have stuff attached to make it more powerful/aglie/large/etc.


A version of this ship was detected on the Captain Forever Forums. It's name: Destruction Sphere Kilo. It is unknown if this is the same ship, but it's unlikely.




Vsauce Winner


Transport, spaceship, base, etc.

Main Use

Offense/Personal use


United States of America



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