Plescia: Storm is the upgraded version of Plescia, the private Weapon of Mass Dectruction owned by Vsauce Winner. It is planned to be constructed on August 2nd, at 10 PM.

Current Planned Build Date Unknown

Planned Schematics

  • 10 Shoop-Da-Whoop Cannons
  • 4 Roflcopter Cockpits (for allies like nkrs200, Thunderbirds101, AT88TV, Scotty, etc.)
  • 128 Ion Boosters
  • 2 airlocked Thunderbird Towers
  • Warp Drive
  • 64 Blurst Shields
  • 1 Diarrhea Death Star II
  • 1 Supreme Control Room (similar to The Supreme Mainframe, also the central cockpit)
  • 12 Particle Uplink Cannons
  • Dozens of Sucky Virus Cannons
  • Vsauceloser Virus Death Maser
  • Supreme AI Spreader (Supreme AI is in a controlled state, and it's ultimate goal is to put enemies under the control of Vsaucewinner ***ME*** , sorry that I had to explain)
  • All of my Really Sucky Virus strains
  • Spartan Laser Complex
  • Private IWAY Fleet
  • Slaved Highway Fleet
  • Ragebeam (Used in very dire circumstances)
  • Grenade Lawn Chair Deployers
  • A sun. Yes, A FREAKING SUN. (Made by my rage physically manifesting into the universe)
  • 2 revolving magnetars (w/ radiation shields, duh)
  • And of course, errors for the other enemies. xD

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