240px-ME3 Geth Prime

Prime Commander on Geth-Occupied Hell

Prime Commander was a former soldier working for the Soviet Lulz Brigade. He was transformed into a Prime Unit by Legion after calling him a pile of scrap metal.


The Prime Commander is a twelve foot tall geth soldier armed with a "gun thing" as he refers to it. He has the power to crush things and is extremely defensive as well as smart.

During The Last Adversary

Prime Commander was the leader of a Geth Prime Blockade around Hell, which was occupied by the Geth after their invasion of the planet, with the help of The Communist Linux Penguin Army.


  • Prime Commander was intended to be killed off in the end of the Last Adversary, but due to the number of episodes planned, it was revealed in a Post Credits scene that he survived alongside Rocket Geth, The Princess of Profanityland, and The Random Cat who is friends with Bruce Lee.
  • It is assumed that he led the retreat of the geth off of Hell after Legion's death, but this is unknown, because he may have retreated earlier, when Devil's Hell Star used his explosive skull to bore a hole into the Prime Blockade.

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