Professor Oak
ProfessorOak TheKoopaBrosTTS
Professor Oak

First appearance

Season 3 Episode 3 (indirectly)
Season 3 Episode 5 (official appearance)

TTS Voice

Adult Male #3 - American English (low pitched)




Microsoft Sam (until S3E7)
Brock (until S3E11)
Misty (until S3E11)
Ash Ketchum (until S3E11)
Ash's Pikachu (until S3E11)
Radar Overseer Scotty (until S3E11)
Team Rocket


Tai Kamiya
Davis Motomiya
Microsoft Sam (after S3E7)
Brock (after S3E11)
Misty (after S3E11)
Ash Ketchum (after S3E11)
Ash's Pikachu (after S3E11)
Radar Overseer Scotty (after S3E11)

Pokemon is now doomed thank to you! You doomed us all waaaaaa-!
- Oak's final words

Professor Oak was a protagonist in Season 3 of Microsoft Sam reads Funny Errors but after Season 3 Episode 7, he is one of the main antagonist of Season 3, the other being Tai & Agumon. Oak believes in Pokemon Communism, often associating him with Team Rocket. In the end of Season 3 Episode 12 Part 2, he is killed by Microsoft Sam.


Season 3

He first appears in Season 3 Episode 3 indirectly after Pikachu reports to Oak about Sam being abused by the Digimon Army for not joining their side. Oak order him to bring him Ash, and he tells Ash to get Sam for him.

He appears again in Season 3 Episode 5 directly. In this episode, he appoints Radar Overseer Scotty as Secretary of State and Microsoft Sam as Officer.

In Episode 7, he invites Microsoft Sam to a meeting. During the meeting, Oak talks about how they can rule the world together, to which Sam questions Oak's ability as a leader. Before any of them advance, Jen'Eric Noos-Ree Porter comes in and tells the world that the Digimon did indeed take over the Deep South of the United States, and that the Pokemon actually took over the Northern States. Before Sam tells Oak about this, Oak tells Sam about his buffalo wings, but it turns out that he poisoned them, and Sam falls unconscious.

It was revealed in the next episode that Professor Oak escaped intervention with Ash Ketchum and left the base. He appears again in Episode 11 to trap Microsoft Sam and his Pokemon friends. Before he can do any harm with them via Arceus, Tai steps in and tells his Pokemons to step back. This leads up to a fight, which also lead to their demise. Sam tells both Oak and Tai to stop fighting, but after those failed, he shoots his shoop da whoop cannon at them, killing both.

Other Appearances

This version of Oak was not seen in the other universe known to be with nkrs200's universe.

In his universe, Oak revives Microsoft David (Desktop) in an effort to also have kidnapped Microsoft Zira and Microsoft Hazel [who?]. In the intro, Oak places what looks to be a large stereo CD recording to play the intro music.

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