PDA head

PDA's head

Publinux Deadly Announcer is a cybernetic being consisting of a giant speaker and an atlas mech. He assisted Linux Anna with many objectives near the birth of the CLPA. He was destroyed, however, when Radar Overseer Scotty threw a Baloney Sandwich at him, which was filled with his one weakness: water.


Like the Supreme AI, The Publinux Deadly Announcer Robot was created on Earth before the Diarrhea Death Star destroyed it, and was fortified in a base near LOLscow. Linux Anna's father: Giuseppe Mezo, found him and gave him to Anna just before he was killed by the Supreme AI.

He served Linux Anna in many ways, but has had some short-circuiting in the past which made his eyes glow different colors on the rare occasion.


PDA was made to be merciless, and kill all enemy forces onsight. He is also very loud, making him a lousy infiltrator by nature. He has a few loose wires, and is not as waterproof as his JBL speaker bretherin, thus revealing water to be his only weakness. 

The Republic of My Civil War

The Speaker was responsible at first for beaming Anna to Loltarctica from Rannoch, where she found Legion.

PDA then was moved to his atlas mech body and sent onto the field of battle. Just after Microsoft Sam and his friends were captured by Linux Craig, PDA finds the four Radar Overseers hiding in individual Foxholes. Radar Overseer Scotty managed to fight him, after commanding his comrades to rescue Sam, Mike and their ROFL Robot. 

Scotty is cornered by the Robot, and thows his only armament, a baloney sandwich, at the robot's head. PDA just shrugs it right off, and throws it into a puddle. Enraged, Scotty regains his now moistened baloney sandwich and throws it at the robot, causing him to explode due to water damage.


PDA's remains were scattered across several DROM rivers and lakes, ensuring that the mech could not be built again. The head was kept, but it's brain was removed, and is occasionally used by Microsoft Mike as a stereo amplifier in leisure time.

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