The ROFL-47 machine gun is an assault rifle commonly used by militaries on Earth 2. On Earth, it was known as the AK-47, and was produced in Russia, China, and other countries similar. After the destruction of Earth, it became the ROFL-47 machine gun, produced in the USSR.

Created by a former tank commander, it is a well known gun by foreign terrorists or Russian infantry.

Only one golden ROFL-47 exists, and it is owned by Microsoft Sam. Unlike the hideous Diarrhea Infested Toilet he owns, he is obsessed with keeping this rifle as clean as possible. Similar to the Golden Desert Eagle, the weapon contains Lanyopanizium, making the weapon extremely durable and strong, impossible to break. The Golden variant of the weapon never jams under any circumstance.

Ammo wise, the ROFL-47 accepts 7.62x39mm ROFL67 cartridges, as well as FMJ .50 12.7x99mm YUNODIE catridges. The former can kill in 2-3 shots, while the latter can kill in only one shot, if aimed at the chest, head, or any major artery or critical point.

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