Desert eagle gold fixed

The final original Golden Desert Eagle in existence, used by Pieboy6000.

The ROFL-Eagle is an incredibly powerful sidearm usually used by high ranking military officers. Originally known as the Desert Eagle, it was produced in Israel before Earth 1's destruction, in which they began being produced in LOLsrael on Earth 2, and became known as the ROFL-Eagle.

There were 2 original Golden Desert Eagles created, and these are usually misidentified as ROFL-Eagles, however this is incorrect, as they were made on Earth 1, before the ROFL-Eagle was named. One of them was stolen by Al-Analli, and the other was sent to Pieboy6000. Al-Analli was killed during the War in the ROFL East and his Desert Eagle destroyed by accident by an Orbital ROFL Laser, leaving the final one in Pieboy's possession. The Golden Desert Eagle is incredibly powerful, as the bullets inside are usually .50 cal, which sounds impossible for such a small weapon, however USSR scientists have enabled this in Pieboy's Desert Eagle, making one shot in the chest fatal. It is not broken easily, making cheap imitations easily identifiable.

Golden ROFL-Eagles have been created, and supplied to various others around the planet. However they do not contain Lanyopanizium, meaning they are only about as strong as a normal ROFL-Eagle, and are less powerful.

Hitting a real Golden Desert Eagle with a sledgehammer will dent the hammer, this was tested by Pieboy6000. The material that makes it so strong was only found on Earth 1, called Lanyopanizium (Lan-yo-pah-nee-zee-um), which is a fairly strong metal, however combining this material with Gold will make it incredibly strong. However, the remaining pieces of Lanyopazinium were destroyed when Earth 1 was blown up.

The normal ROFL-Eagle is very powerful, and can usually kill in about 2 or 3 shots to the chest. During the War in the Republic of My, it was one of the many weapons of Earth 2 that was able to be fitted with Vista Ammo to fight the Soiturranians.


  • The Rofl-Eagle inspired the Golden Gun from the James Bond Film "The Man with the Golden Gun".

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