Time screen004

The ROFL-X Time Machine

The ROFL-X Time Machine, built by minecraftian scientists. Allows any user to travel back to any time period of earth 2 or Earth 1. One tester however found concerning events in Earth 2's future, concerning the Supreme AI if she is not stopped. In Total, there is One Possible Outcome in these concerning findings of Earth 2's Future should the Supreme AI Not Be Stopped.

Earth 2's Possible Future


Ruins Of LOLscow, USSR

The End Of Time

Destroyed city2

LOLdon In Ruins


Paroflis in ruins

18160 1 miscellaneous digital art apocalyptic destruction destroyed city

Ruins Of LOL York, United LOLs of ROFLica


CoLOLbus in ruins.

The End Of Time, is the possible future of earth 2 should the Supreme AI Not be stopped. This is the setting of apocolyptic earth 2 shortly after the Supreme AI carried out another nuclear attack, but this time. more powerful then Operation Electromagnetic Doom, This operation targeted every city possible on earth 2. The radiation was so powerful that earth 2's atmosphere was utterly corrupted by this radiation. Now The Time echo's of the world leaders defend their shatttered cities.

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